Procedures for availing security services

On receiving a request from a client a completes survey shall be conducted by Commando Guards Ltd. with a view to determine the specific need of the customer.

On mutual consolation a schedule of service shall be formoluted to cover the needs of the client.

According to the prevailing rates/charges for the services shall be worked.

A security service contract between the client and Commando Guards Ltd. has to be executed be fore the commencement of services for a minimum period of 1 (one) year.

The security service contract contains the Forms & Manners in Part-I and Terms & Conditions in Part-II in details to safeguard the interest of both the client and the security company.

Minimum 30 days lead time to be allowed for deployment.

The client has to pay mobilization fees equivalent to one month's charge (full refundable on termination or expiry of the contract).


The company offers very reasonable and competitive prices to its valued clients for providing security services for 08 hours duty per day month basis.


The company (Conditionally) pays limited compensation to its clients in case of financial loss, damages and for stolen goods due to the negligence of duty of its security guards.


a. Security Guard and Supervisor

The Company was registered in 2005 but started working from 2002 with a promise to bring sophistication in contract security service. Over the past years the company has increased its range of activities, manifold and tried diligently to improve quality of services by introducing guard monitoring system. Guards & Supervisors can be provided for any time the day in 8 & 12 hour shifts as per requirement of the client.
b. Body Guard & Escorts

The company provides bodyguards and escorts to protect VIPs, top executive of multinational companies and even to distressed women threatened by miscreants. They also provide friendly escorts for families and escorts for school going children.
c. Armed Guard/Gun-man Service

The Company provides Gunman with License and Gun to its V.I.P Clients for their personal security & to different scheduled banks.
d. Lady Checker/Female Security Personnel

Lady Checker/Female security is a new avenue in the security service industry. Many clients want sophisticated female security personnel who will cater to female clients of any business institution. Many garments, NGO's, Embassies and even beauty parlors demand female security personnel.
e. Cash Carrying Service:

The Company has the required transport facilities and Ex-Army personnel with Gun and license to provide secured Cash Carrying Services to different scheduled banks & its valued clients.
f. Security Automation/Technology Service: (Technical     Services):

The Company Supplies and Installs the Alarm Systems, C.C. T.V. Security Door (Archway) High Power Stand Alone Panic Alarm Unit, Auto Light system with Motion Detector, Stand Alone Smoke Detector, Traffic Barrier/Boom Gate, Misc. Devices, Hand Held Metal Detector and Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror etc.

Auxiliary services: Tea Boy, Driver, Peon, Messenger, Cleaner, Cook, Plumber, Lift Man, Electrician, Receptionist, Front Desk Officer, PABX                                            Operator, Office Attendant, Parking Management, and others maintenance personnel.